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Welcome to The Gourmet Sandwich Kitchen.

An independent business, borne out of the love of food & all things yummy!​​

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After years of being a manager & working long hours, part of the week very often included ordering food for a director visit, meeting, or event.
When the time came for a career change, I wanted a chance to shape my own destiny! I love cooking, baking & making things. I enjoy nothing better than spending time with my family & friends, sharing my passion for cooking & eating food..

Decision made, my aim was to create a very different experience of the Great British sandwich. It is not all about egg mayonnaise sandwiches on dried up skinny bread! If you are paying good money, you should expect & be supplied with excellent quality food, ingredients & service!

At The Gourmet Sandwich Kitchen, you can expect this & more.
It doesn't matter if it's a breakfast with your colleagues or an afternoon tea with your friends, I want you to remember the delicious food you have enjoyed & without paying a fortune for it!

I pride myself on homemade delights, that taste like good food should, my ethos is to use quality fresh ingredients & wherever possible, locally sourced..
The food does'nt just look good, it tastes good too.
I am always open to recipe ideas & suggestions, so please feel free to email me with any feedback.

Let the food bring a little sunshine to your day & happy eating!
Local writer has book launch and The GSK are asked to cater!! 
Well, this was an exciting, interesting event. Rebecca Lloyd is a Bristol based writer and has just released her new book called OOTHANGBART... 9th October was the launch date and the event was held at The Forge, Colston Yard - Lovely cosy venue.. As bagels feature heavily in the book, Rebecca requested that Bagels should be the main food on the menu. Thanks to Bagel Nash for the free bagels. Here are the photos of the event!
  1. Bagel Tower
    Bagel Tower
  2. Ham & Dijonnaise
    Ham & Dijonnaise
  3. Smoked Salmon
    Smoked Salmon
  4. Vegan & Vegetarian Bagel & Flafel
    Vegan & Vegetarian Bagel & Flafel