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Enjoy a hassle-free working lunch at your next meeting, conference or all-day office event! The Gourmet Sandwich Kitchen provides delicious, fresh sandwiches that are ideal for your clients, guests & delegates.
Deliverd direct to your office on re-usable platters. Price includes plates & napkins.

Served on white, mixed seeded, granary, wraps, ciabatta or bagels.

Lunchtime Platter's

Selection of standard fillings shown, are provided in most of our lunches as they prove to be popular. Separate list of full range available.
Fillings will be changed for an event over one day.

Meat & Fish: Ham, beef with caramelised onion, horseradish & rocket, pork & apple sauce, coronation chicken with salad leaves. Smoked salmon with citrus cream cheese & dill. Prawn with rocket & lemon mayo. Chicken tikka with mint yogurt wrap. Plain chicken with salad & mayo.

Vegetarian: Falafel with leaves & coleslaw, aromatic grains with hummus & leaves, roasted veg with hummus & leaves, Greek salad pitta with tzatziki. Cheddar with caramelised onion. Brie & grape. Mozzarella with tomato, rocket & balsamic glaze or pesto.

Platters will include a mix of rolls, wraps & sliced baguettes with large lunch numbers.

If you would prefer a salad, please add £0.75p to the menu price.

Gluten free: Please add £1.00 to the menu price for a gluten free sandwich option.

If you are looking for a corporate caterer or looking to change, we offer a try before you buy! Free lunch platter for 4 as a trial. (offer available only once to a company, offer can be withdrawn at any time)

Just sandwiches, wraps & rolls -


One & a half rounds per person


Water  - Still or sparkling  
(small bottle)                          £0.70

Still water 1.5 ltr                   £2.00 
Sparkling 1ltr                        £1.70

Orange or apple juice
1ltr                                        £2.00

Can's                                      £1.00

Please call us for bulk orders on drinks for events.

Plain ​- £4.15pp 

Sandwich & Crisps 

Sandwich, crisps & cake.                 

Sandwich, crisps
fruit & cake                         

Sandwich, crisps, fruit, savoury, meat skewer or crudités & cake of the day 
Savoury & skewer supplied could be a mix of the following: quiche, mini pasty, sausage roll, scotch egg or vegetarian alternative.  Halloumi skewer with veg, mozarella with basil, chicken tandoori or chorizo with peppers & potato.

Basic  £5.25pp

Classic - £6.25pp

Salads - £2.00 a head. Minimum order - 5​​
These are best to accompany meats & cheese platter

Deluxe - £7.25pp

Tea's & Coffee - £2.25pp
Citrus wild rice & basmati herb, feta quinoa & pomegranate, balsamic roasted butternut squash & wild rice.
Falafel with leaves, tomato & cucumber. Greek salad, roasted veg cous cous.

Potato salad or coleslaw portion     £0.60

Selection of milk, cups & saucers for your full day event.
Water pumps available if required & eletric urn to hire. 
Biscuit packs £0.30p (2 a pack)
Please call for quote on large events.

Indulgence - £5.25pp

Extra's - Prices are per person

3 mini savouries, finger bites or canapes & crudites with dip - 
Meat & fish-
Chorizo, pepper & potato mini skewer, chicken skewer, cocktail sausage in rosemary & honey (2pp). Quiche
mini duck pancake, mini Yorkshire pud with crème fraiche & horseradish, topped with roast beef. Thai fishcake with chilli jam. Smoked salmon blini with lemon crème fraiche, samosa.
Vegetarian -
Goats cheese & red onion on puff pastry square, mini bruschetta with tomato & basil, halloumi with med veg skewer & sweet chilli sauce, falafel topped with mango & avocado salsa, cheese & onion tartlets, crudités with hummus dip, samosas
Menu will vary through the season.

Cake platter -  £1.40pp
Mix of cakes & tray bakes (2 x mini portions or one large pp)

Fruit platters - £2.25pp
Minimum order is 5

Meat platter-     £5.00pp 
Minimum order is 5
Includes bread & olive portion

Menu example:   
Baked ham, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, prosciutto, dry salami, chorizo, parma ham,
2-3 slices pp depending on cut. 
Mixed cheese platter-£5.50pp
Quality selection of cheese served with crackers, chutney & grapes

Crisps                   £0.75p
Olives                   £0.75p
Cake slices           £1.30pp
Crudites               £1.25pp
Fruit piece           £0.60p

Gourmet Sandwich Kitchen. Vegetarian ciabatta with mozarella & basil pesto.
Sandwich Platter Lunch
Make time for breakfast, lunch & parties, all dished up with fun!